Corporate Social Responsibility

The spirit of sharing and caring has always been an integral part of SinCo Technologies’s culture. We believe in being responsible corporate citizens who make a difference to society. We focus our Corporate Social Responsiblity (CSR) efforts in four areas as detailed in our CSR framework.


Our employees have been contributing to the Corporate Social Responsibility programme. SinCo Technologies participating in an on-going Singapore based non-profit CSR initiatives that empowers inclusivity for disadvantaged communities, such as persons with disabilities and low-income families, through sustainable engineering and technology solutions. We adopts a focused approach to community volunteering by building long-term working relationships one charity at a time.

The objectives are to contribute so for individuals and communities that are disadvantaged are able to be technology enabled.


Since 2021, SinCo adopted Engineering Good as our official adopted charity. The Engineering Good Association is a Singapore based charity that works to empower inclusivity for disadvantaged communities through sustainable engineering and technology solutions. Their vision is a world where everyone is able to lead lives of dignity and opportunities through improved engineering and digital capacities at the local community level.

We also embarked on a donation project whereby we shared our laptops and gadgets with Engineering Good staff and installed the devices across the Engineering Good centres located island-wide.

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