We started our business as an engineering rubber and plastics component supplier for the telecommunications sector. This field was dominated by industry leaders such as Nokia and Motorola who demanded engineering excellence from its suppliers. The technical know-how we gained throughout the years of servicing this highly competitive, from the manufacturing of single process compression keypads to evolving our capabilities to manufacture multiple processes stack up keypads with decoration and actuator & domes.

These clients constantly pushed us to the edge of technology in terms of tooling methodology and materials to constantly increase the cosmetic value of the products we developed. This invariably proved useful when we ventured outwards to the 3C products (computer, communication, and consumer electronics industries which wanted to follow the manufacturing standards set by the telecommunications industry. The manufacturing standards include the product designs with very high aesthetic appeal and quality.

As consumers increase its appetite for product variety, we had to constantly delve into lean production activities to increase yields and shorter product to market times.
From a materials perspective, we had to engage our resources to investigate into developing greater strength materials to satisfy the ambitions of challenging product designs, seeking to gain greater market share.

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